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SEP-21S Plus is designed to meet the fluid and drug delivery requirements of today’s changing clinical environment.


The pump is intended for infusion via intravenous (IV), intra-arterial (IA), epidural, or subcutaneous routes of administration.




Infusion Modes


SEP-21S Plus in total has 5 infusion modes:  continuous, volume over time, dose over time, TIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia), and Easy Pump.

Easy Pump mode is intended for fast set up. Programming involves only two parameters: syringe type and infusion flow rate.


Two Pumps in One


The pump can execute two different infusions simultaneously and independently. It is especially suitable to those purposes where small volumes of two different fluids should be accurately and simultaneously administered over a longer period of time.

Customised Drug Library


The pump allows to pre-programme drug protocols with 64 different profiles with up to 10 steps in each profile.  


For Ambulance


The pump is suitable to use in ambulance cars, as it conforms to the requirements of the EN1789 standard.

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