Enhancing Healthcare. Enriching Lives.

Our company was established on the 12th of July 1993 as a designer, developer and producer of syringe infusion pumps. It develops and produces a wide range of infusion pumps, disposables and accessories under the aitecs® brand name.

Our primary focus is development and marketing of infusion pumps worldwide while ensuring enhanced patient safety.  During product development we closely cooperate with clinical professionals. Our engineering solutions and medical experts experience enable us to produce advanced technology devices and ensure patient safety.  

In 2008 company  was acquired  Moog Inc. aitecs®  joined a family of well known Curlin and Infinity pumps. In our facility in Vilnius, Lithuania we are performing all steps of product life cycle -  from design and development to production, marketing and realization, after-sales support. During 25+ years of the existence of the company, our team has grown from only 17 people to over 100 workers at present.

Today aitecs® pumps are shipped to more than 50 countries in all continents