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Introducing infusion pumps for healthcare professionals which enhance safety and efficiency of infusion therapy.

aitecs® provides single platform for large volume and syringe infusion pumps. The system can be connected to Clinical Information System and it has a feature to be monitored via central monitor, using AIMS16 monitoring software.

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aitecs® Infusion Docking Stations IDS


Use syringe pumps aitecs® 2017, aitecs® 2016 and volumetric pump aitecs® 3017 in one system with the Infusion Station IDS.

IDS can be used as a docking station to distribute mains to all the fitted pumps and as a communicating device to retrieve infusion information from pumps for monitoring via AIMS16 software or other party Clinical Information Systems, PDMS systems.

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Mounting holder for ambulance cars


Syringe pumps aitecs® 2016,  SP-12S Pro and SEP-21S Plus can be used in ambulance cars on a special secure mounting holder required by EN 1789 standard.