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aitecs® 2017 is intended for precise and continuous dosing of solutions injected by means of disposable syringes in different areas of medicine (reanimation, surgery, cardiology, anaesthesiology, haematology and oncology).


The pump is indicated for use via intravenous, enteral, subcutaneous, or epidural routes of administration.



Infusion Modes


aitecs® 2017 in total has 7 infusion modes:  continuous, volume over time, dose over time, intermittent, TPN (total parenteral nutrition), TIVA (total intravenous anaesthesia), and TCI (target controlled infusion)

Large Display for Maximum Experience


The intuitive, user-friendly interface promotes ease of use and simplifies device-training needs.

Ensuring Safety


Pump's firmware is equipped with additional safety features: Rapid Occlusion Detection (ROD) and a possibility to set safety limits of parameters in Infugard® to avoid over-dosage due to erroneous programming of infusion rate by operator.

Connect to the Systems


aitecs® 2017 is compatible with our Infusion Monitoring System (AIMS16), Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS), and/or Clinical Information System (CIS) via Infusion Station IDS.


Reaching Out to the Smallest


aitecs® 2017 is designed to meet the needs of all types of patients: from neonatal to adults.  Its impeccable design allows precise infusion to the patients starting from 250 g.

The pump also allows to set the infusion according to patients body surface area, as well patients age and height in TCI mode.


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Multiple Infusions in One System


Use aitecs® 2017 together with syringe pump aitecs® 2016 and volumetric pump aitecs® 3017 in one system with the Infusion Station IDS.

IDS can be used as a docking station to distribute mains to all fitted pumps and as a communicating device to retrieve infusion information from pumps for monitoring via AIMS16 software or other party Clinical Information Systems, PDMS systems.

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Customised Drug Library


Infugard® software can be used for reading, editing, storing and uploading configuration (parameters and protocol library) with up to 1500 unique drug  entries to the pump. Infugard® can also be used to retrieve Event, Key or Service history from the pump.

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